Hello and welcome to (and from) Forest School Jess

Names are funny aren’t they, the ones we’re given and the ones we give ourselves. We know when they fit, when they match the image or definition we have of ourselves. Sometimes I think we grow into our names.

Often they are just a way of differentiating between two things of the same name, an extra adjective to support a floundering noun.

I have been ‘pink haired Jess’, ‘Jess G’, ‘Grown up Jess’, etc etc but the one I felt most affinity with¬†was ‘Forest School Jess’ – like Goldilocks, that one felt ‘Just Right’. So when someone said ‘You know, she’s forest school Jess’ I decided yes, I am, so here we are.

I am a Level 3 Forest School Practitioner, predominantly working with Early Years and families. I deliver Forest School, Wild Play & Family sessions from our incredible site at Bodenham Arboretum in Worcestershire. I am a fierce¬†advocate for Children’s right to play and the importance of Play.